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The moment you start talking to Ali you realise that she knows about business: how to set one up, develop it and reap the rewards. And she knows exactly what start-ups and fully fledged business owners need to know to make the very best of their aspirations. Not only that, as a speaker and trainer, Ali knows how to get the really important information over in a way that’s thoroughly down-to-earth and accessible.
— Alexa Tewkesbury, Copy-editor and writer

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As an experienced business developer and coach, I have not only been around the block a few times but I've got the t-shirt, written the book and can act every part in the blockbuster film. In fact, some have said that I even built the block myself! (They overestimate my construction skills).

What this means is that I get your challenges. Having run my own businesses since 2000, I've been through them myself; and I've coached and trained countless other businesses through them too. In fact, I have more hints, tips, tricks and solutions up my sleeve than you can shake a stick at - which will save you time, money and sleepless nights. 


I've worked with start-ups, and multi-million pound organisations; one person bands, not for profits and government departments. I've trained teenagers, business owners in their seventies, single parents, and management teams in family run businesses. I've coached UK based businesses, and those overseas. I've worked in a wide range of industries from retail to online, food to construction, design to events, and education to advertising. Plus a few more in between.

I've advised on start-up education and supporting single mum entrepreneurs; and I've consulted on how to encourage more women into self-employment with leading think tanks

I've also guest written for various publications about business matters - starting up, growing, sales techniques and business development; spoken at FE colleges and universities, conferences and trade shows, as well as appeared on radio and TV shows including Channel Five News. 

Plus, I'm delighted to be an affiliate partner with the Start Up Loans Co, as well as a mentor for the fabulous Womenpreneur Initiative


From coaching, to my business programmes StartUP and Make More Money; through to my blog and bizdev video vault - there's lots for you to engage with, learn from, and enjoy.  

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