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Why selling the benefits will get you closer to that magic sale. (And selling the features won't).


Why selling the benefits will get you closer to that magic sale. (And selling the features won't).

Ali Golds

It's sitting in front of you. The fabulous new product or service that you've been developing over the last months, or years perhaps, and you're ready to get selling.


You've written the features down - in fact, they are imprinted on your brain almost as much as your name - and you have a slew of sales opportunities waiting for you to start working on.


So. What about the benefits? Why should customers or clients buy your product or service? What will they gain from doing so? And why yours over someone elses?

Selling on the features seems logical, doesn't it? Telling someone what something can do, or what it's made up of, is what they want to hear. Isn't it?

Well, yes it might be but it isn't going to make them buy. Cold, hard, logical facts aren't going to encourage most people to part with their cash - it's the emotion of what it can do for them is what makes the difference.

In fact, stats suggest that 20% of buying decisions are based on logic and 80% on emotion. Yep! You need to sell the lifestyle, the prestige, the differences that this product or service will make to someones day to day, to get the sale.

So what are the benefits of your product/service? And how can you be sure that you've tied them down enough to sell on them? I use the 'And/So' test.

By stating a benefit, and then asking yourself 'and?' (as in give me more info), it forces you to really dig deep into the true benefits of your offer.

And by then stating the resulting benefits and asking yourself 'so?' (as in why should it matter to me), it helps you to then focus on what difference it might make to your client.

Selling on the, precise, benefits is a proven sales technique, and will get you so much closer to a sale than selling on the features.