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An hour a day keeps the worry away!


An hour a day keeps the worry away!

Ali Golds

A client of mine recently updated their laptop, planning to give the previous one to a family member, so went through all of their old emails to clear them out.

What they found was quite astonishing - and representative of the trap that we can all fall into.

In the first few months of starting their business they were constantly prospecting. In fact, on one day, they had got really motivated and sent over 100 introductory emails. That's a lot! But when they compared that figure with how many they had sent the day before they started breaking their laptop down, they were surprised. And somewhat embarrassed.

For their belief that they were constantly prospecting was way off. They'd dropped from regularly contacting 50-60 new prospects per day to just 10. On a good day. Now, I know that when you first start your business you need to really get yourself out there, hence the 100 in one day, and that things can drop off as you get work in and have other priorities but 10 really won't cut the mustard. And explained why new business enquiries were dropping.

It didn't take much to redress the balance again; a dedicated hour per day to finding and contacting new prospects, getting out to networking events, and going back through their address book brought in a number of meetings and also got them really 'into' their business once more. They admitted that they'd lost their passion for what they were doing as they'd lost their prospect base, and that it was just the shot in the arm that both they - and their business - needed.

Your task for today? Get prospecting, and develop some hot prospects to wow. It just takes an hour a day. And it's really worth it! 


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