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Be proud of your price!


Be proud of your price!

Ali Golds

I was working with a small business owner recently who was nervous about bringing up the cost of her design work with clients. I asked her to pretend that she was pitching to me, and tell me how much her daily rate was. She couldn't even look me in the eye and mumbled something whilst going bright red.

We worked on her confidence and by the end of the day she was a totally different person!

It reminded me of my teaching days and the way that students responded when asked to answer questions on anything that required a numerical response. If they didn't know the answer, they'd mumble and give me a figure, rarely including the words 'pounds' and 'pence'. They had the same problem - if they weren't confident of what they were about to say, they'd mumble and throw out a figure that was just a number (no currency), and wait to see my response. Hoping I wouldn't question them further.

If you can't step up and say what you charge, without feeling the need to apologise for it - literally or figuratively - then you need to examine why and work on improving it. After all, what you charge is a fundamental part of your business.

Being proud of your price and charging your full worth is critical. Learn to savour the amount you charge, say it in full - three hundred pounds, ten pounds fifty. Don't shortcut it - that just says that you aren't confident of your price and sets you up for heavy-going negotiations with a client who has picked up on your discomfort and wants to get the best price possible, shortly thereafter. 

And remember to look up and at your client when talking about price. Even if you aren't feeling confident, it will appear that you are; which will mean that clients are more likely to believe that you can do the job they need help with, and therefore potentially worth the price you charge. 

Price is all about confidence. Confidence in your abilities, so that you feel more confident in the price you charge and transmit that, and your client then feels more confident about giving you the work. 

Be proud of what you do. You're a talented person, with lots to offer. Be proud of your price. It represents the hard work that you will put in for your client to produce exactly what they are looking for.

If you aren't proud - then who will be?


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