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Blogging for bizdev - why you should


Blogging for bizdev - why you should

Ali Golds

I can already hear hearts sinking around the globe, as people read this blog. And I get it. Not everyone likes to write and, even if you do, it can be really hard to think of topics that you might want to write about for your business blog. 

So why should you blog regularly, what are the benefits to customers, and how can you overcome writers block?

When I check out websites, for whatever reason, I love to see what they have to say. I'm not just interested in the sales copy about them, their offer, and their promise to me the customer, but also what they have to say about their work, thoughts on developments in their industry and other topics - which usually come across in a blog. It's a great way to get into the minds of the team and/or founders and tells me more than professionally written copy might.

Search engines love blogs, as they are non-sales tools, so they will help with your SEO; plus they show a more informal side of your business which can really appeal to customers. I always want to see beyond the glossy image, and blogging ticks that box.

If you are a business that is selling a service, blogging helps to demonstrate your knowledge and capability. It's a way of enticing customers in, shows them that you 'do what you say on the tin' and also reaches customers who might not otherwise have known about what you do. Make sure that you blog regularly, and don't set yourself up for a fall. If you know you won't be able to write more than once a month then don't. It's best to blog on a regular basis, albeit not often, than not to blog for six months and then blog four times in a week. Consistency is critical.

The biggest challenge when writing a blog is often what to write about! I'm more than familiar to the sitting at the table with not a thought in my head dilemma, so you certainly aren't alone. I make notes about topics when they occur to me, or interesting news stories that I might want to write about, and then when I come to blog I've got a few different ideas to choose from. If your website or blog allows you to write in advance and then schedule the posting at a time that is right for your business, take advantage of it. You might have the writing bug one afternoon and want to write a couple of articles - so do it! Blogging sorted for a week or two!

The main thing is not to worry. Blogging is without doubt a great way to attract new leads but it shouldn't get your head in a spin. Take your time, think ahead, and be confident. A few lines is better than nothing.

Best of luck!