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How much time do you really spend on your business?


How much time do you really spend on your business?

Ali Golds

How much time do you spend on developing your business? No, really spend on developing your business?

If I said ‘not enough’ time – would I be right? If I went one step further and said ‘you know you push business development to the back of your mind, feel guilty about it, so have a half-hearted go and then push it to the back of your mind again till the next time it makes you feel guilty – losing opportunities and costing your business money’ would I be right again?

Be honest.

Most people don't spend anywhere near enough time on the things that will make a difference to their business growth and, in my experience that's for two reasons. Firstly, they're not really sure what they should do and, secondly, if they really think about it they are pretty certain that it all boils down to doing some sales calls. And most people are scared of sales. So they take a step back and think about what they should do, hum and haw a bit, and then...well, then they just do something else. 

If you had to hazard a guess at how much time per week you should spend developing your business, what would you say?

An hour or two? Maybe two or three? More??

You should spend an hour, per day, developing your business. More if you have the time but I know that might be a bit of an ask. 

Business development is a numbers game. The more you do, the more you reap. You just need to get into a regular routine, with a plan of tasks, and the rest will come.

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