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Stepping up and saying no! Is that a step too far?


Stepping up and saying no! Is that a step too far?

Ali Golds

I am a firm believer in being honest. Whether it's on a personal, or professional level, honesty is always the best policy.

One of the challenges we face when working for ourselves is being offered some work but only on the proviso that we give the client a rock bottom rate. And it seems to happen most when work is thin on the ground! Otherwise known as Sods Law.

So you're faced with a dilemma - do you take the work, or do you say no? Say yes, and you have money coming in but you've instantly devalued your service, and, effectively, cut your daily rate. Say no, and you still have little or no money coming in.

Most of us will instinctively want to say yes. And I understand that. Money makes the world go around. It's a necessary evil. But the minute you say yes to a cut price rate, you slide down a few rungs on your pricing ladder - and now you've got to climb back up.

So how do you deal with clients who think your time is cheap; or get a client who's negotiated you right down, back to paying your usual daily rate?

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