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Why it's important to Stick With It (even when you'd rather not)


Why it's important to Stick With It (even when you'd rather not)

Ali Golds

Ordinarily I would steer clear of posting motivational type blogs; not because I don't like writing them (actually, I do) but because I'm guessing that you read my articles for help with your bizdev. Not help with feeling positive, or inspired or other, sometimes tricky to master, things.

However, today is different.  The reason?

I'm coming across a lot of people right now who are struggling with their business development, feeling that they might not be cut out for working for themselves; and one is in danger of giving up altogether. If that person is reading this, and I sincerely hope they are, I'd like them to have a re-think. You have a fabulous business.

I know what it's like to feel like giving up. I've been there. I have the t-shirt, the hat, and read the accompanying book. I could probably even write Giving Up Pt2 - the book and the film. Life is tough, business is even tougher, and it takes a strong person to keep going even when you'd much rather not.

The thing is, most business problems are solvable. There is virtually nothing that a professional can't do to help in terms of finance; there are legal experts galore who can point you in the right direction if you hit contract or other issues, and mentors and coaches who will happily talk you through any number of other problems - often for free. I've found countless, brilliant, resources online that have helped me over the years and I'm still finding new ones. Someone somewhere has been through exactly what you're experiencing right now, and will no doubt be happy to give you the benefit of their advice.

If you ask.

And that's sometimes the problem. We aren't good at asking. We tend to muddle on, head down, when we should be hand up asking for a bit of advice. So here's a bit of it for free - don't do that. Ask, ask and ask again.

I've been approached by all sorts of business owners since working for myself; some for bizdev support, others for more personal support. And I will always help. I've never turned anyone away and I don't intend to. I know many other business owners like me, so please don't be afraid - if you need help, source it and ask for it.

So why is it important to Stick With It even when you'd rather not? Well, that's a big question, and if we were chatting face to face I'd probably spend a good half hour on it. So here's the potted version:

Everyone goes through rough times. Everyone with a business goes through a multitude of challenges. Everyone has moments when they think no-one will ever work with them again, or buy another item ever. EVER. I'll let you into a secret. That's simply not the case. However, if you think they won't then you're right - they won't. If you think you have a rubbish business then, guess what, that's what you'll end up with. Because our state of  mind often dictates what we produce.

If you stick with it, and take a bit of advice or help, the chances are you will ride the storm. And the learning curve (steep as it may be) will stand you in good stead for the next challenge. I won't sugar coat it, there will be another challenge. There always is. But you'll weather it. Because you'll know what to expect, and you'll ask for help.

I'd love you to keep trying and stick with it, if you feel you can. If you can't? There's no shame in that. Not everyone is cut out for running a business and the best thing is that you tried. It's not a failure (oh, how overused that word is) it's a lesson. You learnt something? You grew. That's not failure.

So next time you feel as though you want to give up, just take a step back and look at the situation without your emotional head on. Get some advice. Get some support. And then make a rational decision.

And if it's related to anything bizdev? Drop me a line. There's a free exploratory chat with your name on it - and I'm sure I can help.

Keep at it!