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Me, mega mistakes, and the Make More Money programme


Me, mega mistakes, and the Make More Money programme

Ali Golds

As a business coach, I'm always acutely aware that I am supposed to be a beacon of propriety. No mistakes, no slip-ups, no failure. After all, if I'm helping you with your business; I should be beyond reproach in my own.

Life isn't like that. Or more accurately, business isn't like that.

Despite our best efforts, we are all subject to the vagaries of the business landscape and none of us is perfect. Sometimes we're going to make a decision that we then wish we hadn't, or take a knock on the chin rather than brush it off. Whatever it may be, trust me, we'll all do it.

I've had successful businesses and I've had not so successful businesses. I've worked with friends and I've worked with family. My advice? Don't work with family. And think very carefully about working with friends...  I've worked on my own, and I've worked in a team. I've worked from home, and out on the road.  I've worked with start-ups and I've worked with multi-million pound businesses. And I've worked in countless industries; from media to construction, from coaching to design. Plus a whole load of others in between.

Whatever the scenario, I've experienced it.

I know business heaven (awesome!) and I know business hell (devastating). Know them like the back of my hand. In fact, I've just come out of a stint in business hell - and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. But! And this is important. It's doable. And it all works out OK in the end, which should give you the confidence to keep working towards business heaven. 

So this is why my Make More Money programme will be massively helpful to your business. It comes from someone who's been there, done it and got the T shirt. From someone who knows what can happen if you miss stuff, or ignore stuff. From someone who has hit serious hardships (loss of business, income, house, livelihood, confidence and self-esteem), and had serious moments of flying high (clients queuing ten deep, adviser on a top government review, TV appearances on national news channels to comment on stories, tears of gratitude from owners who've turned their businesses around having worked with me),  - and can aim you towards flying rather than falling! 

So if you need to gain clarity on your business aims and goals; need to establish strong business development practices and processes, and just want to make more money, then you need to get signed up today.

Not only will you gain access to the programme but you'll also gain access to my 30+ years of business experience - and my contacts. I've already helped clients get featured in government reports (and then an invitation to meet the Queen!), gain coveted speaking spots at top industry events, and opened doors that were seemingly closed.

Let me help you too!

Check out the programme, and book your free First Step session today!