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'How To Be Your Own Boss As A Single Mum'


I've been a single mum, running my own businesses, since 2005 and have a passion for supporting other women who are in the same situation. I wrote my book as a result of mentoring and coaching women who quite liked the idea of working for themselves but didn't think they could do it.

Ahem, I beg to differ!

After all, the skills that an entrepreneur uses are exactly the same skills that parents use in a family setting - negotiation, budgeting, research, even sales (yep, even sales)...the list goes on. 

My book takes you from thinking to tinkering; from dreaming to doing. In conjunction with my FREE StartUP programme, you can go from having an idea to having a business! That yearning for financial independence? It's within your grasp. 

A few reviews:

 "A brilliant book for start-ups; inspirational as well as practical!"
"An invaluable guide for single mums thinking of going into business and not having the belief that they have what it takes!"
"Fantastic book, full of inspiration and some great sound advice. So pleased I bought this, and you will be too!"
"Very much looking forward to reading this book! Ali really knows her stuff, and is sure to give some great tips to anyone starting a business" 
"I met you for so many good reasons but mostly what I take from it everyday is the ability to be able to lend your book to friends, other single mums, who are battling the endless fight with work, business, children, exes and the world that is that of a typical single mum where there is no let up. I thank you for that.
The feedback I get after they've read your book or blog is 'Wow, so glad it's not just me, I can relate to every part and I'm so glad I'm not alone'. You should be so very proud."