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Make More Money

Want to make more money? Get more clients? Clarify your business aims and goals - and gain the confidence to achieve them? 
Here's the programme for you!



Having worked with hundreds of start-ups as well as started businesses myself, and knowing that money and time are in short supply, I have devised the Make More Money twelve week programme; designed to help you get your business back on track by using my techniques yourself.  I share my processes with you to help you assess where you’re at, develop a strategy moving forwards and, ultimately, aim to make more money! 

The Make More Money programme is fantastic! Broken down into topics from defining your USP to grappling with how much you should charge, to building your client list, everything is covered in a practical and highly readable way. It’s really helping me to see what I can introduce into my business to expand it and make it more profitable. Just brilliant!
— Alexa Tewkesbury, Copy-editor and Writer

What do I get?

For just £750*, you'll receive twelve weekly modules containing videos and written content covering topics including

  • Developing your USP (and making sure that it not only reflects your message accurately but that the message is consistent everywhere!)
  • How to stop giving discounts and start charging what you're worth
  • Developing a base of clients that become your No1 fans
  • Developing partnerships and collaborations that benefit your business (without losing your independence!) 

And it all fits neatly into a sales plan, that can be slotted into your main business plan and used for your benefit as well as for presentation to anyone from your bank manager to investors.


  • weekly Skype Q&A sessions
  • exclusive email access to me
  • access to our private Facebook group
  • LIFETIME access to the Make More Money programme

The Make More Money programme is a refreshingly straight talking approach to sales and business development. Ali gave me no nonsense advice that I could implement immediately. I was challenged in all the right places and really valued her obvious experience in business.
Ali advised me on everything from my sales letter to meetings proposals and our overall value proposition. In between calls I enjoyed the Make More Money weekly training sessions which are very well written and bursting with personality! I felt like I was dealing with a real person and not just a boring bunch of words.
I would highly recommend Make More Money to anyone who needs to take their business development strategy to the next level.
— Julian Hall, Founder of

For just £750*, you'll learn:

  • How to increase your price to where it should be: more value, more worth, more money
  • How to develop a sales pipeline of clients you really want to work with
  • How to build a business that clients love to come back to time after time
  • And how to touch base with clients at every opportunity so that they never put you to the back of their minds again
  • PLUS...You'll become an expert in my 5 High Impact Tasks that will get your name out there in minutes!

And, just to add to the mix, you'll be invited to join the private Make More Money Facebook group which is regularly updated with hints, tips and support; and a Weekly Numbers Post, hosted by me, so that we can look at how your activity is increasing and how you can improve even further.

Plus you'll receive exclusive notification of early bird webinar, event and coaching offers. 


Whether you're running a start-up or a more established business, you'll find that the Make More Money programme can help. And will help!


Make More Money programme modules

And here's what you'll learn!


Module 1  'Who are You' - learn how to devise your USP, and why it's vital

Module 2 'Who are your Clients' - what type of client are you working with, who do you want and how to get the ideal clients for you

Module 3 'Making More Money from your Clients' - learn how to develop freebies and extras, raise prices and still keep your clients

Module 4 'Developing a Sales Pipeline' - auditing how much new business acquisition you really do, and how to increase it quickly

Module 5 'Your Business Online' - utilising your website, social media and a raft of other apps to leverage your business

Module 6 'Your Products and Services' - learn how to sell on the benefits, pricing strategies and developing your offer

Module 7 'Getting to know the Competition' - learn how to draw up a competitor analysis and use to improve your offer

Module 8 'Partnerships and Collaborations' - how to earn more money by working with partners and in collaborations

Module 9 'Saving money is still making money' - learn how to make savings, find free money and boost your coffers

Module 10 'Developing Superfan Clients' - an overview of how to develop clients into brand ambassadors, buying all you sell

Module 11 'Touchpoints: Find them, use them' - learn how to devise and develop your own touchpoint programme

Module 12 ' The next 12 months' - learn how to take all of the above, and put it into a sales plan complete with strategies and tactics

I found new clients, new projects and overhauled my business development - all due to the Make More Money programme. It really has helped me to do what it says, make more money. Highly recommended!
— Zoe B, Web designer

Make More Money is a premium programme with premium content, for premium level business owners. Those who see coaching and training as an investment, not a cost. Does that describe you? If so, book your place today - they're limited.


Get signed up, and making more money, today!




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Make More Money programme
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Platinum programme

If self-learning isn't for you, and you'd rather work with me on a 121 basis, then the Make More Money Platinum programme is for you:

  • The entire twelve week programme plus:
  • Twelve 45 minute one to one coaching sessions via Skype, delivered weekly for the life of the programme, plus a final sign-off session
  • An invite to each of the weekly Q&A sessions
  • An evaluation of your business plan, sales strategy plan, sales letters, USP and mission statement
  • A written overview of your website, content, blogs and social media channels, and developmental suggestions
  • Email support for three months after the end of the programme
  • Early-bird access to further content and special offers as they become available
  • Lifetime access to the Make More Money programme

Interested? Contact me for a no-obligation chat about how the Make More Money Platinum programme could help your business!