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Ali Golds

I've worked in business development for more years than I care to remember... That means I will definitely have experienced your challenges!


Developing your business is obviously important to you. You know how crucial it is to bring in steady revenue, which means attracting clients by getting your name out there so that more and more people know about the great things your business offers.

Perhaps you’ve just started your business; you’ve never sold anything before and dread the idea of having to do it now? Or maybe you’ve been running one for some time, hit a plateau and just can’t seem to get moving up to the next level?

Whatever the scenario, I can help!


With a 30 year career in business development, selling in all kinds of industries and to all kinds of people, I've been around the block more than a few times. I've developed a reputation for being able to conjure something out of nothing, and fast become the person hired to either re-invigorate old revenue streams or to start new ones; and to help teams to achieve their goals.


For the majority of the last 16 years, I've been running my own companies, which has involved not only developing my own client base but, by virtue of the work I do as a coach and trainer, helping other people to do the same.

And I would really love to help you too!

From coaching to training; consultancy to bespoke business development support, I can help. Want to know more? Contact me today, and let's see how we can develop your business to its potential!

I look forward to hearing from you!