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Make More Money programme

Make More Money

Make More Money programme

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Make More Money programme


The Make More Money programme is designed to help you assess where your business is currently at, what you need to move forwards and how you can use that knowledge and activity to make more money.

Consisting of twelve weekly emails covering topics from developing your USP (and making sure that it not only reflects your message accurately but that the message is consistent everywhere!) and how to stop giving discounts and start charging what you're worth; through to developing a base of clients that become your No1 fans and developing partnerships and collaborations that benefit your business (without losing your independence). And it all fits neatly into a sales plan, that can be slotted into your main business plan and used for your benefit as well as for presentation to anyone from your bank manager to investors.

You will also be invited to join the MMM Facebook page and post your numbers each week for feedback and support, plus receive early bird notification of special offers, events and webinars. 

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“The Make More Money programme is a refreshingly straight talking approach to sales and business development. Ali gave me no nonsense advice that I could implement immediately. I was challenged in all the right places and really valued her obvious experience in business.
Ali advised me on everything from my sales letter to meetings proposals and our overall value proposition. In between calls I enjoyed the MMM emails which are very well written and bursting with personality! I felt like I was dealing with a real person and not just a boring bunch of words.
I would highly recommend MMM to anyone who needs to take their business development strategy to the next level. ”

— Julian Hall, Founder of