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Are you about to start your business?

Or have you started up recently but you'd like some help with
structure and processes?

This is for you!

PowerUP your startup!


The first day of a new business is so invigorating; it’s the culmination of all the planning, and the dreaming, and it feels like a brand new start. Which, of course, it is. And there’s lots to do isn’t there? More than, perhaps you might have realised.


You've got through Day 1 of your brand new business, and you have this fabulous plan that you want to get cracking with but you aren't really sure how to make it come to life.

Plus, you're a little unsure about what you're going to do on day 2. And 3. And week 2. Month 2. 


So what do you do now?


Sign up; and PowerUP!


PowerUP will help you to take your plan and make it a reality. In just 4 weeks it will…

  • Show you how to set up daily business development processes and procedures, in order to bring in revenue…
  • …and clients that you really want to work with
  • Teach you how to set achievable, realistic sales targets that don’t make you want to hide under your desk in frustration
  • Work through the first few months of your financials; identifying potential hurdles before they occur so that you can head them off at the pass!
  • Give you the tools you need to start planning to grow your business from the off; meaning that you have a greater chance of having the business you’ve dreamed of

Isn’t that what we all want at the start of our new business?

PowerUP consists of 4 written and video'd modules, which are emailed to you weekly. PLUS there's resources and support from a closed Facebook group with members running start-up and early stage businesses just like yours!

Module content:

Module 1: Developing revenue streams and bizdev processes

Module 2: Attracting, and working with, the clients you want

Module 3: Getting your finances set up and running

Module 4: Scaling-up. Think it's too early to think about growing your business at the start? Think again!



PowerUP your business today!


Are you interested in taking out a loan for your new business? Click here for more information about the Start Up Loans Co.