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Webinars and events


How to earn more money from your clients. 

Session 1: June 24th and Session 2: July 1st

Run over two 1.5 hour sessions, this series is designed to help you earn more money from your clients using a variety of techniques and processes. Working from the starting point that blithely giving discounts to every client has to stop if you want to earn what you're worth, you will learn, amongst many other things:

  • To know your worth, and how to achieve it
  • What your 'block' is, and how to remove it
  • How to have The Conversation with a client, and not to need a lie down afterwards (or lie awake worrying for nights beforehand)
  • How to say NO!
  • The benefit of multiple income streams, and how to make them work for you
  • How to bring in new clients without spending any money on marketing
  • PLUS how to develop Superfan clients who just can't stop buying from you and, best of all, become brand ambassadors. Without you doing a thing!

Session 1   Increasing rates and revenue £49.95 June 24th 2pm

Increasing Rates and Revenue
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Session 2  Developing Superfan clients, superior service and a super-successful business! £49.95 July 1st 2pm

Developing Superfan clients
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